Data Structures and Programming in C

26th - 30th November, 2018

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Last Date for Submission of application form: 19th November 2018
Selection list Intimation by E-mail/Display in web site: 22nd November 2018

Coordinator - Academy

Coordinator - Academy

Participating Academies and Local Coordinator Details

Amey Karkare
M: 95326 89131
IIT Kanpur

Prof. D.V.L.N. Somayajulu
M: 091210 16547
NIT Warangal

IIT Kanpur - Amey Karkare
M: 95326 89131

NIT Warangal - Dr. K. Ramesh
M: 98494 32598

MNIT Jaipur - Dr. E. S. Pilli
M: 95496 58131

NIT Patna - Dr. M. P. Singh
M: 7368803352

Module details of Introduction to Data Structures and Programming in C


Module Name



Introduction to

Structure of C program, writing and executing the first C program,
Syntax and logical errors in compilation, Expressions and Arithmetic,
Standard I/O in C, Fundamental data types, Variables and memory
locations, Storage classes.
Conditional Expressions, Statements, and Branching. Functions.


Iteration and Recursion

Use of while, do while and for loops, Nested loops, use of break
and continue statements.
Recursive Functions, Self vs Mutual Recursion, Iteration vs Recursion.



Array notation and representation, Manipulating arrays, 1
Dimensional vs Multidimensional arrays. Strings, Passing arrays to



Concept of memory and its address, Pointers and applications,
Introduction to dynamic memory allocation (malloc, calloc, realloc,


Data Structures

Abstract Data Type (ADT), Stack, Queue, Linked List, Binary Tree.
Comparison and Applications of Data Structures.



Notion of asymptotic runtime, Order of an algorithm


Analysis of Algorithmic

Examples of computing Algorithmic Complexity


Sorting and Searching

Importance of Sorting and Searching. Some


Target Beneficiaries: Interested Faculty of engineering/technical institutions are eligible to attend these winter courses.
Availability of seats at each offering Academy: Fifty (50) seats are available for each winter course to be offered at each Academy/Remote Centre. Participants will be selected based on first-cum-first-serve basis by each academy. Selected participants will be communicated through e-mail / notified in E&ICT Academy websites.
Course duration: Each winter course is designed for 40 hours (Theory Lectures: 20-25 hours, Hands-on/Design orientation/Activity linked problems/Assignments Problem Solving/Case Studies sessions/Quiz Tests: 15-20 hours)
Accommodation: Boarding and Lodging at Hostels/Guest House will be provided at free of cost only at Identified E&ICT Academies. For details please refer to respective Academy websites. At identified Remote centres only working lunch and snacks will be provided.
Travel: No Travel Allowance will be paid to the participants.
Registration Fee for each Winter Course: No Registration fee is charged for attending this programme planned at any designated academies/Remote centres. However, candidate should submit a refundable Demand Draft of Rs.1000/- along with application form and the same will be handed over to the participant on the last day of the training. Satisfactory Certificate will be given to the participants subject to fulfillment of attending all sessions, submission of assignments and clearing the test(s).

How to apply:
  • A duly filled in application form in the prescribed form signed by the Head of the Institute to which the candidate belongs (along with demand draft) should reach by post to the local coordinator of the participating academy.
  • Government of India norms will be followed for SC/ST category participants.
  • The application form along with the DD can also be submitted in the online mode to Local Coordinator of the respective academy.